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Make Safe Travel Decisions
The Nebraska Department of Roads provides numerous resources to assist travelers.
You, and you alone are responsible for making the final decision to travel during inclement weather.
The Nebraska Department of Roads is NOT responsible for the travel decisions YOU make,
or for situations that occur as a result of your travel decisions.

What is 511 - ATIS?

Advanced Traveler Information System (ATIS) is now the national acronym that is used in conjunction with 511


What roads are colored on the map?

Only the roads supervised by NDOR are colored when that feature is activated.

How do I Zoom?

You may Zoom in three ways on the new 511 Page:

  • Use the Drop Down menu at the top of the left sidebar. Select what general area you want to view.

  • Use the slider controls at the top left of the map.

  • Double click an area with your mouse.

Why do some cameras have a red X on them?

NDOR is in the process of moving our cameras to new, more efficient servers. Some of the cameras will show up with the red X during this time. If a camera is offline for other reasons, our staff will check it out and try to get it back up and working again as soon as possible.

Why do some of the message boards that are "active", (bright yellow in color) show only a series of dots on them, and no text?

Message boards that are yellow in color may only show dots to indicate they are "on" and ready to receive messages, if needed. Sometimes boards are left on in anticipation of being used later in the day. It is often more efficient than powering them on and off, and on and off. You may hover over an active message board to see the message, or you may click on it.

Is the page enabled for Mobile Devices?

At this time the Map base is not. However, the 511 Phone system is always available to find out about highways. Call 511 or 800-906-9069 and follow the prompts.

Also, we do have a Mobile page that has quick links to current weather and radar, as well as some highway cams across the State. It also includes "Click to Talk" option for 511 phone. More cameras will be added.

What are the "RWIS" icons for, and when will they be active?

Road Weather Information System. They are remote sensors that indicate a variety of weather related data at various locations around the State.  Our RWIS sensors are scheduled to be on-line sometime in 2011. There are also a number of others sensors maintained by other entities across the State. You may view those now via our Weather page - 2nd Column, 4th Item, or click the link below:

  • Link to Non-NDOR Weather Sensors in Nebraska

    • Find the drop down box for Networks - Select "All Networks."

    • Click "Map It!"

    • Hover over a black dot and a box with pop up with info.

    • Click on the black dot for more details

Does the Map show Weather as a layer?

Not at this time. However a Weather Link is provided at the top of the 511 page. That takes you to a page with a variety of good links. Always use several resources to check weather as you make your travel plans.


Ask a Question/Report a Concern


511 Data Disclaimer

The forecasts and reports found on this system are based on information compiled from numerous sources. While every attempt is made to be as accurate as possible, conditions can and do change rapidly. 

Road Conditions reported by an Observer may be several hours old because the main duty of NDOR field staff during inclement weather is to maintain the roads. They report their observations when they have time. If highways are closed by law enforcement officials and no NDOR staff members are notified, the information may not be on 511.

During inclement weather it is advisable that travel be delayed until highway maintenance activities have been performed. Always drive at speeds reasonable for the conditions of the highway.

DO NOT rely on any of this information as the sole basis for travel decisions. Before you travel in bad weather, check several resources to gather as much information as possible about the weather and road conditions. You and you alone are responsible for making the final decision to travel during periods of bad weather.

The Nebraska Department of Roads is not responsible for the travel decisions YOU make, or for situations that occur as a result of your travel decisions.

511 by Phone & by Web
What You'll Find and What You Won't

IMPORTANT: Before making travel plans, ALWAYS check multiple sources for information, especially during times when inclement weather might occur.

  1. Web 511 and Phone 511 are provided as a service to assist travelers. They are not intended to be the sole basis of travel decisions. Nor is the accuracy of the information guaranteed.

  2. Comments left on the 511 Phone line will be forwarded to NDOR within 24-48 hours. Comments left via the 511 Web page are forwarded to the appropriate NDOR staff. If you have an emergency situation or see a highway hazard that you feel needs immediate attention, do NOT leave a phone message or e-mail. Contact appropriate law enforcement/emergency personnel.

  3. What you hear on 511 Phone when you select an area is a forecast for that specific segment of road for the next several hours, and any observed road conditions which are input by our NDOR staff in the field. The 511 Web option shows the observed road conditions only, with a link to Weather info from various sources at the top of the page

  4. Our NDOR field staff input information throughout the day when necessary. HOWEVER, in times of severe weather, staff may be dealing with deteriorating road conditions and not be available to input data for several hours. Please use the weather report function of 511, and/or listen to local radio and TV weather info as you make your travel decisions. Our NDOR staff will input observed conditions as soon as they are able to do so.

  5. Construction info that impedes travel is available by both phone and web. You may also access monthly reports of construction and detour info from NDOR Road Reports & Travel Info Page.


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