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Presentations - 2012

NOTE: The Presentations are numbered the same
as they are in the Conference Agenda below

Conference Agenda | Conference Handout

Link to article in the RoadRunner Magazine
 on the 2012 NeUG Conference

Not all Presentations are available. You will be notified
 via Gov Delivery if more Presentations are added

 Workshop Presentations are available ONLY by request -- please email Mike Otte

1. What's New in V8i SS2 for Users


2. SS3 Civil Update 3. Roadway Designer
Begining/Intermediate Templates
4. Creating Project Winning Visualization with SS3 Luxology Rendering 5. InRoads Fundamentals 6. Complete Streets
7. What's New in V8i SS2 for Managers 8. Civil Visualization 9. Roadway Designer
Advanced Templates
10. Coordinate Systems in Civil Design 11.Raster Manager 12. ADA Guidelines
13. Annotation Scale - What are you waiting for? 14. Tips & Tricks for Geopak 15. Roadway Designer Tips & Tricks 16 Point Clouds to Deliverables 17. Working with Office Documents in Microstation 18. Missouri River Flooding 2011
19. Microstation TIPniques 20. Clash Detection 21. Implementing Roadway Designer at NDOR 22. Data Acquisition 23. Creating Civil Animations with Microstation V8i SS3 24. Challenges of the 2011 Flood - Union Pacific
25. What's New in Microstation SS3 26. Civil Geometry
SS2 & SS3 Preview
27. So You Created Models, Now What? 28. Data Acquisition
SS3 and Future of Geopak Survey
29. The In's and Out's of Printing 30. Public Involvement
31. Print Organizer-User Perspective 32. Civil Accudraw 33. Superelevation and Roadway Designer 34. GIS and Civil Integration 35. Edit Profile Tools (everything you need to know) 36. Sustainability and Context Sensitive Solutions