State Transportation Improvement Program

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What is the STIP?

The Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is the Nebraska Department of Roads’ (NDOR’s) four-year highway improvement program developed under Title 23 United States Code (USC), Section 135 Statewide Planning, (f) Statewide Transportation Improvement Program. It includes by reference the Transportation Improvement Programs (TIP’s) from the Omaha, Lincoln and South Sioux City metropolitan planning Organizations (MPO’s.)

The STIP includes financial summary tables to demonstrate fiscal constraint. Projects that are funded in the TIP/STIP and constructed, implemented, operated or maintained using federal dollars must conform to any and all federal, state or local regulations/statutes that are applicable based on the type of project, type of funding received, scope of work and/or impact to the natural or human environments.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requires each state highway agency to develop a Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). The STIP must list all highway and transit projects that will be using federal funds as well as all regionally significant transportation projects using non-federal funding sources. It covers a period of four years and in Nebraska is updated every year on October 1.

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Periodically, the Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR) must amend the STIP for reasons such as; to add or remove projects, to make adjustments to funding sources or estimates or to update a project’s scope of work.

Federal law requires that all citizens and other interested parties in the State’s transportation planning process be given reasonable opportunity to comment on the proposed STIP and on any proposed amendments to an approved STIP. NDOR uses statewide news releases and an automated email subscription management system called GovDelivery to inform the public and advise them of the means and time period to comment on STIP’s and their amendments. All comments will be addressed and those responses reported to the FHWA. By Subscribing to this page, you will be notified by email whenever documents are available for public comment.

State Transportation Improvement Plan Revision Announced

Click here to review and comment on the 2016-Amendment 6

Click here to review and comment on the FY-2017 through 2020 STIP


 The documents below are always the most current versions available

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2016-2019 STIP - The STIP has been divided into parts for ease of use. Both parts are PDF.

Public Involvement Plan (PIP) for STIP
STIP Development Guidelines

Related Documents These are small scale projects such as safety, enhancement, recreational trails, ITS and Nebraska byways that are not listed individually in the STIP, but are shown in their respective lists below.

Transportation Alternatives List (formerly called the Enhancement List)
Minor Safety Projects List
Recreational Trails List
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