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City & County Officials' Info
Including Funding & Revenue Distribution Info

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NDOR Support Options for Counties & Municipalities
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The County portion of the Document contains general info about NDOR technical assistance, as well as info on FHWA and other programs that may be available.

The Municipality portions pertains to municipalities in general and to First Class Cities, Second Class Cities & Villages in particular. Does NOT address program requirements and funding amounts peculiar to Omaha (Metropolitan Class) and Lincoln (Primary Class).

Highway User Revenue Distribution
Reports Include Motor Vehicle Fee Payments

2016 County & Municipal - FY 2016  
2015 County & Municipal - FY 2015  
2014 County - FY 2014 Municipal - FY 2014

This information is ALSO available from the State Treasurer's site at
Once on the page, first click Treasury Management on the top blue title bar.
Next from the Treasury Management Page, click either Aid to Cities or Aid to Counties on the left sidebar.

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2016-2017 ( pub. 6-2016)
City & County
2015-2016 ( pub. 6-2015)
City & County
2014-2015 ( pub. 6-2014)
City & County
Motor Fuel Gas Tax Rankings & Fuel Tax History

Gas Tax Rankings

State Motor Fuel Tax History
For ease of use, this has been separated into two documents.
The 1993-Current doc will be updated regularly. The other doc is an historical reference doc.

Tax History 1925 - 1992 | Tax History 1993 - Current

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