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Bridge Division

Bridge Inspection Program Documents and Forms
Hydraulic Analysis Guidelines and Forms
Bridge Office Policies and Procedures (BOPP) Manual

Bridge CADD Files are now located at this Link
with the Consultant SS3 MicroStation Design Files

Bridge Division Contacts List

Contacts - Listed by Name
Click the Name to E-Mail

Mark Traynowicz

State Bridge Engineer 402-479-4701
Fouad Jaber Assistant Bridge Engineer - Research 402-479-3967
Mark Ahlman Assistant Bridge Engineer - Bridge Design 402-479-3936
Joel Rossman Assistant Bridge Engineer - Bridge Design & Special Projects 402-479-4888
Kirk Harvey Assistant Bridge Engineer - Hydrology & Hydraulics 402-479-3755
Kent Miller Bridge Inventory Data Manager 402-479-4705
Mike Vigil Bridge Management 402-479-3769
Contacts - Listed by Area of Responsibility& Services
Click the Name to E-Mail
Emergency Response Mark Traynowicz 402-479-4701
Bridge Inventory Data - BRM Kent Miller 402-479-4705
Steel Inspection Mark Borgmann 402-479-4763
Research Fouad Jaber 402-479-3967
Bridge Policies & Procedures Manual Lynden Vander Veen 402-479-3971
Load Rating Wayne Patras 402-479-4360
Bridge Inspection Program Manager Babrak Niazi 402-479-3646
Bridge Painting, IT & Bridge Design Software, Bridge Web Pages Jeff Handeland 402-479-3973

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