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Bridge Inspection Program Manual

The Bridge Inspection Program Manual is posted for information of those involved in the NDOR Bridge Inspection Program. The manual is a compilation of current NDOR policies, procedures and guidance. Readers of the manual are encouraged to provide feedback to the Program Manager. A suggestion form is provided in the Introduction of the manual.


Bridge Inspection Program - Forms

The Bridge Inspection Program Forms shown are current and should be used for all Bridge Inspection Program work.

Bridge Inspection Program forms
DR 7 - Scheduled Special Inspection - Bridge Report Word 7-12
DR 27 - Structure Maintenance Checklist Word 7-12
DR 29 - Unusual Feature Inspection List Word 2-13
DR 33 - Load Rating Summary Sheet Word 12-14
Load Rating Summary Explanation Sheet PDF 1-07
DR 97 - Nebraska Bridge Inspector Certification Approval Form Word 5-12
BR 385C - Bridge Scour Plan of Action Word 1-13
BR 293 Cover - Fracture Critical Inspection Report - Cover Page Word 2-13
BR 293 Exec - Fracture Critical Inspection Report - Executive Summary Word 2-13
BR 293a - Fracture Critical Inspection Report - Introduction Word 9-12
BR 293b - Fracture Critical Inspection Report - Bridge Orientation/Layout Word 9-12
BR 293c - Fracture Critical Inspection Report - Identification of All Fracture Critical Members/Details Word 9-12
BR 293d - Fracture Critical Procedural Report Word 9-12
BR 293e - Fracture Critical Inspection Report - NBIS Condition Rating Word 9-12
BR 293f - Fracture Critical Inspection Report - Reference Photos/Sketches Word 9-12
BR 293g - Fracture Critical Inspection Report - Summary & Conclusions Word 9-12
BR 293h - Fracture Critical Inspection Report - Follow-up Procedure Word 9-12
BR 293i - FC Report Contents - Instructions Word 2-13
DR 317 - Box Culvert Inspection Field Sketch Template PDF 11-10
DR 319 - Bridge Inspection Field Sketch Template PDF 3-11
DR 320 - Critical Finding Report Word 3-12
DR320i - Instructions - Critical Finding Report (DR Form 320) Word 3-12
DR 321 - Structure Repair Report (State Structures) Word 7-11
DR 321a - Structure Repair Report (Non-State Structures) Word 3-11

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