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FFPP - Frequently Asked Questions

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FFPP Question Categories
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Question Categories - Additional categories will be added as necessary


CATEGORY 1. Application, Funding & Programming
- includes Responsible Charge Questions

1a. What are the benefits to NDOR?  Answer

1b. What is the guarantee that my LPA will get this money every year?  Answer

1c. What happens to my soft match credits? 
PLEASE NOTE: The Soft Match Program is currently SUSPENDED pending review Answer

1d. What happens to my federal point balances?  Answer

1e. Does our Responsible Charge (RC) still need to maintain their RC Qualification?  Answer

1f. Are there any other Federal Funds that would still be available?  Answer

1g. If my agency does not sign the agreement, can we still apply for a federal-aid project?  Answer

1h. Why aren't there any Transportation Enhancement (TE) and Safe Routes to School (SRTS) funds included in the proposed Federal Fund Purchase Program?  Answer

1i. What is the definition of routine maintenance - as referenced in the Draft Agreement?  Answer

1j. What factors determined the purchase rate of 80 cents State Cash per Federal Dollar?  Answer

1k. Can the State Cash my agency receives from the Federal Fund Purchase Program be used to pay off a bond?  Answer

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CATEGORY 2. Environmental Questions

2a. What Environmental concurrences will still be required?  Answer

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CATEGORY 3. Schedule Questions

3a. What is the schedule for decision and implementation of the Federal Fund Purchase Program?  Answer

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FFPP Downloadable Documents

FFPP Brochure
DRAFT FFPP Agreement
Approximate STP/HBP Funds Distribution this document is being revised
May 2011 Presentation from the Statewide Meetings

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