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Federal Funds Purchase Program

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Final 2016 FFPP Funding

2015 FFPP Policy

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How FFPP Works | Benefits and Eligible Activities
Qualification and Decision Process

Final FFPP Agreement

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FFPP Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


What is the Federal Funds Purchase Program?

LB98 has provided NDOR the authority to enter into agreements for purchases of federal aid transportation funds at a discount rate. State funds obtained must be expended for highway and bridge needs.

The Federal Funds Purchase Program is being established to provide a way for NDOR to purchase the federal funds currently used by LPAs in exchange for state cash. State dollars will allow local agencies to tailor projects to better meet their local needs.

How does the Federal Funds Purchase work?

  • Federal transportation funds are made available to NDOR through the Federal Highway Administration.
  • NDOR will purchase certain federal funds which have traditionally been made available to the LPAs.
  • NDOR will enter into an agreement with the LPA to purchase its federal funds. The state will purchase each dollar of federal funds with 80¢ of state cash.
  • The LPA uses the state funds for local transportation projects, with minimal oversight.
  • LPAs can accumulate multiple years worth of cash payments.
  • LPAs will locally let their projects and monitor them.
  • NDOR will utilize the purchased federal funds at its sole discretion.

What are the benefits of the Federal Funds Purchase?

  • Local control of your project.
  • FHWA requirements and oversight are eliminated.
  • Your agency can fund a wider variety of transportation projects.
  • All phases of your local project are eligible for the state funds.
  • Minimal environmental requirements.
  • No NDOR/FHWA oversight of required permits, consultant procurement, or contracts.
  • Projects using state funds will have minimal state oversight.

How can the LPA invest the state funds under this Program?

Eligible activities include, but are not limited to:


• Construction  
• Reconstruction
• Non-routine maintenance
• Engineering
• Right-of-Way
• Utility relocations


• Low-water crossing
• Construction/Replacement
• Rehabilitation/Repair
• Deck patching
• Bridge rail repair
• Bridge removal
• Bridge inspection


• Erosion protection
• Sidewalks, ADA ramps
• Curb and gutter repair
• Storm sewer repair

Which agencies and programs qualify?

Surface Transportation Program (STP)
 • All Counties
 • Cities of the First Class outside of the Omaha and Lincoln metro areas

Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation Program (BRRP)
 • Counties with deficient bridges
 • All Cities of the First Class (including Lincoln and Omaha) with deficient bridges