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1400 Highway 2
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Nebraska Department of Roads
Local Projects Section
PO Box 94759
Lincoln, NE  68509-4759

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Mission of NDOR Local Projects Section

To support Nebraska’s public agencies' efforts to plan, develop, manage, and maintain their transportation assets consistent with the Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR) overall mission by:

  • Obtaining federal and state transportation funds on behalf of those agencies;

  • Providing, in cooperation with other elements of NDOR,  required regulatory oversight of those funds on behalf of FHWA and the State of Nebraska;

  • Coordinating, on behalf of Nebraska’s public agencies, with other elements of NDOR, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and stakeholders as needed to accomplish support and oversight actions.


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Please call 402-479-4750 for assistance in directing your call to the appropriate party
Mick Syslo, Materials & Research Division Engineer
(Local Projects is a Section of Materials & Research)
Larry Legg, Local Projects Engineer
Secondary Roads
Dan Rea, Secondary Roads Engineer
Paul Kieper, Project Coordinator
Glen Steffensmeier, Project Coordinator
Rick Houck, Project Coordinator
Jane Brubaker, Highway Local Liaison Tech
Urban, Transportation Alternatives
Jeff Soula, Urban & Transportation Alternatives Engineer
River Hwang, Engineer III, Urban
Taylor Eman, Engineer, Urban 402-479-3607
Judy Borer, Project Coordinator
Delfs Linder, Project Coordinator
Deana McKinstry, Project Coordinator
Raitis Tigeris, Project Coordinator
Quality Management
Jodi Gibson, Hwy Materials & Tests Manager/LP Quality Management
Anna Rea, Quality Management Project Coordinator 402-479-3791
On-Base Assistance
Chad Heskett, Technical Assistance (Log-in Information, Password Reset, etc.)


Brad Reid, Agreement Assistance


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