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Discovery Bridge

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Oct 2008


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July 2008  

July 9 update: The deck is poured to within 70 ft of Pier 4.

This makes 1005 ft of deck poured and 585 ft of deck to go.  We have also been pouring a lot of bike trails, sideway, driveways and roadway on the South Dakota portion of this project.

We cannot pour during the day if it is too warm. So we pour at night, beginning about 10 pm, and finish up the next morning around 8 am

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- 27 degrees
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Oct 2007

The contractor had to haul this from the drill hole before they could continue. The pieced of metal was attached to it by the contractor and used to haul it out
Sept 2007
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July 2007
June 2007


Tining: The process in which the contractor uses a type of 'rake" with teeth or springs on it to drag across the surface to make minor grooves in the concrete. These grooves improve traction of vehicles on the new concrete.

Gravity Block Retaining Wall: A retaining wall is usually poured solid concrete. A gravity block retaining wall is made up of individual blocks that are stacked upon each other. This is a pretty basic explanation.

Chute: The "chute" is an old river channel that has filled with sediment over the years.

As part of our contract, the agencies requested that this chute be excavated, so as to provide a backwater situation. The purpose of the chute is to provide additional habitat for fish and wildlife, while providing a close and easily accessible place to get fill material. This material is being used to build the approach to the bridge.

Future plans for the chute are to open the upper (West) end. Which will create a flowing water situation. The agencies believe that this may create a suitable spawning environment for pallid sturgeon and other fish species.

The NPS plans on building a trail system thru this newly acquired ROW, South of the chute.

"O" Cell: The "O" Cell is 3 separate hydraulic jacks for use in determining the final elevation of the production shafts. They were placed 27 ft from the bottom of the rebar cage. This distance can vary from shaft to shaft.

NOTE: As the rebar cage is lowered into the ground, the employees of Load Test and Jensen Construction Co. check the load cell analyzers, wires, and hydraulic lines on the way down, and remove bracing and install rebar spacers.

Tremie: The tremie is a water tight funnel to get the concrete to the bottom of the shaft without contamination. It stays a minimum of 5 ft into the concrete at all times. As the shaft is filled with concrete the water is forced up and pumped out of the shaft. The tremie is approximately 120' long in a 112' shaft, and is guided into the middle of the shaft with an extra steel "funnel", which also helps support the two halves of the rebar cage.