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Build Nebraska Act

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Roads Priorities - 10 Year Plan
17 Projects across Nebraska totaling 600 million dollars (2011 dollars)

Recognizing surface transportation needs in Nebraska and the insufficient funding available to meet those needs, the 2011 Legislature passed into law the Build Nebraska Act (BNA). This 20-year funding mechanism reassigned 1/4 of 1 cent of the existing general state sales tax receipts to state and local highways, roads and streets.  The lion’s share, 85%, goes to the Nebraska Department of Roads for expansion and reconstruction of the Expressway system and federally designated High Priority Corridors, construction of new highways and other high priority projects for the State Highway System. These funds first became available in the fall of  2013 and are estimated to generate $1.2 billion over the twenty year period.  The Act also directs funding (15% of the total) to counties and municipalities for road and street purposes, distributed by formula.


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FY 2014 - 2015  |  FY 2016 - 2019  |  FY 2020 - 2023

FY 2014 - 2015

Hwy 133 - Blair to Omaha
Currently under construction
Kearney East Bypass, Phases 2 & 3
Currently under construction
Hwy 77 - Wahoo Expressway
I-80 Eastbound - 126th to 96th - Omaha
I-80 Westbound - I-480 to 60th Street - Omaha
I-680 Northbound - North of Center through Pacific Street - Omaha

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FY 2016 - 2019

Hwy 30 - Schuyler to Fremont
Hwy 75 - Plattsmouth to Bellevue - North of  Platte River
Heartland Expressway - Hwy 385, L62A to Alliance
I-80 - NW 56th to Hwy 77 - Lincoln
Currently under construction
Hwy 75 - Nebraska City SE Interchange
Hwy 6 - Hastings SE

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FY 2020 - 2023

Lincoln South Beltway
Hwy 30 - US 281 West - Grand Island
Hwys 34 & 75 - Murray to Plattsmouth
Hwy 77 - Lincoln West Beltway
I-80 - 24th St. to 13th Street Interchange - Omaha

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General Nebraska Transportation Program Info


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