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Materials & Research
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Mission Statement: We design, research and test highway materials for use in constructing and maintaining a quality highway system that meets the needs of Nebraska.

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Estimated Volume Reduction FactorTables for PG Binders and Asphaltic Oils


Geotechnical Section


Nebraska Qualified Material Vendors List Nebraska Qualified Consultant & LPA Laboratories Asphalt Links PCC Links


Research Program Information


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Materials and Research

Mick Syslo

Materials and Research Engineer


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Jodi Gibson Research / Federal Aid Administrator 402-479-4337
Devin Townsend SiteManager / Administrator 402-479-4760
Brad Finch SiteManager / IT Business Systems Analyst 402-479-3686
Andi Clark SiteManager / IT Business Systems Analyst 402-479-4753
Tyler Carlson SiteManager / IT Business Systems Analyst/Supervisor 402-479-3821
Dave Hall SiteManager / Final Project Review 402-479-4837
Chad Heskett IT Infrastructure Support Analyst 402-479-3670

Barb Traudt

Office Services / Administrative Assistant  402-479-4697
Kristina Johnson Office Services / Clerk 402-479-4838
Pat Whitenack Technical Repair 402-479-4737

Research, SiteManager, Office Services, Final Project Review, IT Support, & Technical Repair

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Assistant Materials & Research Engineer-Flexible Pavement Engineer 402-479-3839
Matt Beran Assistant Flexible Pavement Engineer 402-479-4663
Jody Paul Bituminous Aggregate Laboratory Supervisor / Q. A. Manager 402-479-3851
Dale Byre Bituminous Laboratory Supervisor / QA Manager 402-479-4774
Ron Vajgrt QA, District 1 - Lincoln 402-479-4543
Gary Mangen QA & Branch Lab - Omaha (Dist 2) 402-595-2534,
ext 286 
Mike Reynolds QA & Branch Lab - Norfolk -(Dist's 3 & 8) 402-370-3476,
ext 219
Calvin Splattstoesser   QA & Branch Lab - Grand Island,(Dist's 4 & 7) 308-385-6271,
ext 218
Jerry Isom QA & Branch Lab - North Platte, (Dist's 5,6,7 & 8) 308-535-8111,
ext 226

Flexible Pavement and Quality Assurance

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P.C.C. Pavements, 
Research & Development

Wallace Heyen Portland Cement Concrete Engineer 402-479-4677
Tim Krason P.C.C. Materials Unit Supervisor 402-479-4709

Mark Burham  

Physical Tests Manager


Stan Karel 

Physical Tests Unit Supervisor

Chemical Tests Laboratory Manager 402-479-4874
Tim Krason   Quality Manual and Pavement Coring/Smoothness Manager 402-479-4709
Lieska Halsey Highway Project Engineer Review Analyst 402-479-3861

P.C.C. Pavements, Research & Development

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Mark Lindemann Geotechnical Engineer 402-479-4752
Nikolas Glennie Assistant Geotechnical Engineer 402-479-4780
Doug Churchwell Soil Survey Unit Supervisor 402-479-4678
Doug Churchwell Product Evaluation Coordinator 402-479-4678
Doug Macke Aggregates Laboratory Manager  402-479-4749


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Pavement Design Engineer 402-479-4755
Bruce Barrett Assistant Pavement Design Engineer 402-479-4096
Chris Dowding Pavement Design Manager 402-479-4714
Jim Miller Materials & Tests Manager 402-479-3920

Pavement Design

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Roadway Asset Management Section

Mark Osborn Roadway Asset Management Engineer 402-479-4443
Amy Chow Pavement Management Unit Leader 402-479-3620
Dave Brokaw Classifications & Needs Unit Leader 402-479-4896
Rose Braun GIS & Mapping Unit Leader 402-479-3696
Dave Medinger Pavement Management Coordinator 402-479-4807

Roadway Asset Management

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Division Web Page

Chad Heskett

Materials & Research Web Content 402-479-3670