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*OnBase Upgrade Information*

The Nebraska Department of Roads has upgraded the OnBase system over the weekend. We appreciate your patience during the upgrade downtime. OnBase is ready for use. If you experience any problems or issues please email or call 402-479-3670.

NOTE: Please remember to update your favorites and bookmarks with the new URL -

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Below you will find several links with information to assist you in the use of OnBase

Please visit this LINK to register for an account for OnBase. Once you have created the account, please email Chad Heskett with the UserName you created.

Once you have been informed by email that your account has been configured, you can then log into OnBase using this LINK. You may be prompted to install an ActiveX control. If you have problems installing the ActiveX control you can directly install the ActiveX control using this LINK.

You may also install the ActiveX controls using the MSI installer found HERE.

For your convenience a User Guide is available HERE. There are also instructional videos available HERE.

  Important OnBase News and Updates!
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* You may receive an error when trying to upload your invoice. Please check the "Amount" field. If you are using Internet Explorer 10 or 11, it does not do the conversion correctly and you must enter the dollar, comma, and decimal symbol manually.

* If you are having trouble replacing an invoice that already exists in OnBase, please take a look at our NEW INSTRUCTIONS for replacing an invoice.

 Invoices Do Not Appear In Workflow - Note: This resolution may not work for everybody.
Issue: When you log into OnBase and enter Workflow, the invoices you expect to see do not appear.
Cause: Our current version of OnBase is not compatible with Internet Explorer 11.
Resolution: Please click the following link -
       Once the page loads you can login with your OnBase Username and Password.
     You MUST make sure the HTML radio button is selected. (See image below)

For Questions Regarding OnBase Please Contact:
Chad Heskett
IT Analyst