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Research Projects

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Please Select A Research Category From Below

For Questions Regarding Any Nebraska Research Please Contact:
Jodi Gibson
Research Coordinator

Category: Date Last Updated:
Asphalt January 26, 2016
Aggregates August 05, 2013
Design March 08, 2016
Drainage Currently No Research Projects Listed
Environmental December 07, 2015
Grading and Soil Stabilization January 15, 2013
Hydraulics January 15, 2013
Methods/Techniques Currently No Research Projects Listed
Paints/Pavement Markings January 15, 2013
Pavement Testing December 29, 2015
Planning January 15, 2013
PCC January 15, 2013
Pipe January 15, 2013
Resurfacing and Surface Treatments Currently No Research Projects Listed
Soils January 15, 2013
Traffic April 21, 2016
Bridges and Other Structures December 29, 2015
Winter Road Maintenance July 10, 2014
Other December 29, 2015

Research Section Mission Statement:
The Research Sections mission is to coordinate the departments research program, with its primary objective to reduce the costs of construction and maintenance, improve the quality of service to the highway user, increase the efficiency of highway planning, operations and administration, reduce crashes and crash severity, encompass the interrelationships of socioeconomic, environmental and technical factors into the transportation system and implement favorable finding into departmental procedures and processes.

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