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posted 10-23-2013
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June 18, 2014 - Mahoney State Park
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Recent Meeting Presentations:

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November 22, 2013

Meeting Minutes (pdf)

Agenda (pdf)

CMAQ (pptx)    CMAQ - Handout (pdf)

INVEST (pdf)

Iowa Travel Demand Model Management (pptx)

Lincoln "N" Street Cycle Track (pptx)

Module X - Cooperative Revenue Forecasting (ppt)

NDOR Operating Manual for MPO Transportation Planning (pptx)

June 18, 2013

Meeting Agenda (pdf)

Map-21 Transit Discussion (pptx)

PL/SPR Agreements & Invoicing - Alan Swanson (pdf)

MAP-21 Freight Policy - Justin Luther (pptx)

Adaptive Signal Control Technology Corridor - Randy Hoskins (ppt)

Complete Streets Program - Michael Felschow (pdf)

Bicycle & Pedestrian Capital Plan - David Cary and Dave Pesnichak (pdf)

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