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MPO Manual
revised 11-10-2014

MPO Manual without appendixes
revised 11-10-2014
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Fact Sheets and Handouts:

from May 10th, 2016 meeting

Safety PM Overview(pdf)

Safety PM Handout (pdf)

Technical FactSheet PM3 Overview (pdf)

Technical Fact Sheet PM3 CMAQ (pdf)

Technical Fact Sheet PM3 Freight Measures (pdf)

Technical Fact Sheet PM3 System Performance



Recent Meeting Presentations:

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Presentations will be removed after one year

May 10, 2016

MPO-Coordination-Safety-HSIP-SysPer v 2 Presentation (pptx)

NDOR TIA Presentation-MPO (pdf)

NDOR Data Storage

Nebraska Statewide Traffic Data Package MPO Conf



June 10, 2015

Meeting Minutes (pdf)

Lincoln Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Assessment

MAP-21 Rulemaking, An Update on Performance Elements

NDOR-FHWA Project Delivery Efficiency Team (PDET)

MPO Projected Funds Management Guide Presentation

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