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Drivers Involved in Distracted Driving Crashes - 2005-2015
Drivers Involved in Traffic Crashes with Cell Phone Distractions - 2005-2015
Drowsy Driving Facts & Tips
Mobile Phone Distractions in Teen Crashes By Ages 15-19 - 2004-2014
Teen Drivers (Ages 15-19) Cell Phone Distractions in Traffic Crashes - 2005-2015
Traffic Crashes Involving Cell Phone Distractions Comparing Teens, Other Drivers and All Drivers - 2005-2015
Traffic Crashes Involving Cell Phone Distractions Comparing Teens to Other Drivers - 2005-2015

NHTSA Traffic Facts:
Driver Electronic Device Facts - 2008, 2010,2012
Drowsy Driving - 2011
Teen Distracted Driver Data - 2009, 2010

NHTSA - Drowsy Driving Research, Scope of Problem, Crashes and Fatalities, Tips, etc.

Four High Visibility Enforcement Demonstration Waves in Connecticut and New York Reduce Hand-Held Phone Use - 2011

National Phone Survey on Distracted Driving Attitudes and Behavior - 2011

10 Tips for Managing Driver Distraction - Governor's Highway Safety Association

Understanding the distracted brain - Why Driving While Using Hands-Free Cell Phones is Risky Behavior - National Safety Council


2014 NET Documentary on Distracted Driving (View "Dstrctd Drvng") - Nebraska Educational Telecommunications (NET) 30-minute documentary which looks at distracted driving in the age of technology.  The documentary shows how law enforcement, safety organizations, families and others are raising awareness about the dangers of distracted driving.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety - Cellphones, texting and driving - 2013

Using electronic devices while driving is a serious safety problem - NHTSA

The Under-Reporting of Cell Phone Involvement in Fatal Car Crashes - National Safety Council

Distracted Driving Awareness Month - National Safety Council

"Fatal Distractions" demonstration - 4/13/12 - Filmed and produced by Journalism 2 students at Papillion-La Vista South High School in Papillion, Nebraska

DISTRACTION.GOV - What is Distracted Driving?



Distract-A-Match® is a simple shape and color matching game that helps demonstrate in a fun and engaging way the impact of distractions on our reaction time and judgment and extends the lesson to the impact of distracted driving. Distractions cause a “tunnel vision” effect that pulls our focus away from the critical tasks of driving a motor vehicle. Playing the game is simple; participants match shapes, but not colors as they race against the clock. Use Distract-A-Match® with the Fatal Reaction® Distraction Simulation unit to show the dramatic impact of distraction on our ability to play the game. Participants typically experience difficulties in speaking, thinking clearly and performing the given task. Distract-A-Match® is a fun and engaging complement to Fatal Reaction® and Fatal Vision® Impairment Simulation Goggles.


    Game Mat
    Foam shapes in 8 colors for all 8 shapes
    30-second sand timer
    500 count roll of results stickers

If you would like to reserve the game for an upcoming event in your community, contact Staff Assistant Lori Sanburn.


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