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Training & Workshop Resources & Videos

PM Resource Highlight:

    • NDOR's current source for blue book equipment rental rates for Change Orders
    • Automatically calculates the "FHWA rate" in accordance with the Construction manual (include model year and regional adjustments)
    • Contact the Construction Division for login information

District Contacts

  • PM Contact Lists - link to folder available only within NDOR or VPN
  • List of Previous PM Representatives to the PMBP team
    • Tom Anderson, Denny Baehr, Brian Carnahan, Jim England, Mark Dietz, Rick Fisher, Jeff Francis, Russ Frickey, Barb Gerbino-Bevins, Lyle Kohmetscher, Joe Kuehn, Kent Kuhn, Rich Morrell, Damion Stern, Bob Wiebelhaus
      Josh Willard, Dan Ziska

  • PMBP Team Members
    • Devin Townsend, Jason Volz, Micky Jacobs, Doug Hoevet, Jesse De Los Santos

PM Conference

Links to Additional PM Resources