I-80 Six Lane Expansion
I-80-NW 56th Street-Hwy 77 South

I-80 - NW 48th Street Bridge

I-80 - NW 56th Street Bridge

Lincoln - Area

Build Nebraska Act
Tier 2 Project

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You may also check status of current projects for the I-80 - 6 Lane Expansion Lincoln to Omaha
by checking at the Construction & Detour PDF - look for I-80 - District 1

Info about items specific to the Lincoln area are below

Lincoln Area

If you have questions about any of these projects,
please contact Thomas Goodbarn, District 1 Engineer

These 3 items are a part of the original multiple 6-lane expansion
projects  from Lincoln to Omaha,
and ALL THREE are Build Nebraska Act Projects

I-80 - NW 48th Street Bridge
I-80 - NW 56th Street to Hwy 77 South
I-80 - NW 56th Street Bridge

Fact Sheets specific to I-80 - NW 56th Street to Hwy 77 South

English Version     |     Spanish Version

June 12, 2012 Public Hearing
All three projects were discussed

General Info & Projects Location Map

All three projects

Video about Diverging Diamond Interchanges



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