Hwy 75
Plattsmouth to Bellevue
North of the Platte River

Build Nebraska Act
Tier 2 Project

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Website updated November 2010

  Fairview Road Interchange Project - Northern project - PDF
  Platteview Road Interchange Project - Northern project - PDF
  Bay Road Interchange Project - Southern project - PDF
View the Entire Aerial - PDF
Proposed Construction: The proposed 6 miles of improvements on US 75 begin 0.2 miles south of Oak Hill Road/Avenue "B" in Plattsmouth and extend north, crossing the Platte River, and end at the Fairview Road interchange. The project is currently split into two parts:
  • North of the Platte River (Fairview and Platteview)
  • South of the Platte River (Bay Road)

The proposed improvements include:

  • Reconstruction of US 75 to a 4-lane expressway.
  • The US-75 freeway will be extended from Fairview Road to 0.5 miles south of Bay Road.
  • Multiple bridges will be added or reconstructed as part of this project.
  • Several county roads and frontage roads will be realigned to provide access to the new interchanges at Platteview Road and Bay Road.
Lighting: Roadway lighting will be provided at the interchanges and at selected intersections.

Adjacent Projects: New US-34 Bridge over the Missouri River; US-75 4-lane project from Murray to Plattsmouth.

Right-of-Way: Right-of-way, temporary construction easements, and new controlled access has been acquired throughout this project.

Maintenance of Traffic: During construction, US-75 traffic will be maintained along the existing corridor. Some detours will be required for county road and frontage road construction.

Schedule: The project is not in the 5-Year Program. The construction schedule is unknown.

Estimated Cost: The estimated cost for the described project is $125 million.


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