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NDOR Consultant RFP's

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NDOR Procurement Manual

Forms & Worksheets Or scroll down this page

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Contacts for general questions about RFP's or Documents:
Randy Eldorado, Consultant Services Engineer, 402-479-4778
Dawn Knott, Agreements Engineer, 402-479-4414
Brad Reid, Assistant Agreements Engineer, 402-479-3566


Forms & Worksheets

DR 39 - Notification of Completion - Pre-Letting Professional Service (State projects) - includes instructions ---- Word
DR 39a - Notification of Completion - Pre-Letting Consultant Professional Services (LPA projects) includes instructions --- Word
DR 39b - Notification of Completion - Pre-Letting LPA Professional Services - (LPA projects) includes instructions ---- Word
DR 54 - Consultant Evaluation Form
DR 99 - Consultant Dispute Resolution Form
DR162 Forms - Cost Breakdown Forms
  • DR 162 - Actual Cost Plus Fixed Fee          PDF    or     Word
  • DR 162A - Maximum Not to Exceed Fee     PDF    or     Word
  • DR 162B - Lump Sum Fee                         PDF    or     Word
  • Form 162C - Services Provided by LPA's     PDF    or     Excel
  • Form 162-SRC – Specific Rates of  Compensation    PDF    or     Excel
DR 250 - Consultant Work Order Form for Local Projects PDF Word
DR 251 - Consultant Work Order Form for State Projects
DR 497- Architect, Engineer & Related Services - Annual Certification Form
DR 498 - Architect, Engineer & Related Services - Supplement to Statement of Qualifications
Template Worksheets
Guidance Documents & Lists
Template Professional Services Agreements
(click the underlined name below to view/download - all are PDF)

Detailed Scope of Services:
(click the underlined name below to view/download - all are PDF)

Instructions for Annual Certification



Instructions for NEPA Studies Certification
NDOR Standard Work Categories - 2012
GENERIC Selection Committee Evaluation Factors
Consultant Style Guide for Producing Print & Web Info for NDOR Projects
Drug Free Workplace Policy (Example)
Certified Consultants for Construction Inspection Services
All Certified Consultants
Certified Consultants for NEPA Studies
Approved Wetland Delineation Consultants
On-Call Consultants (NDOR & LPA services)


Qualified Consultant Laboratories
List of NDOR Certified Erosion & Sediment Control Inspectors
(Environmental Compliance Oversight Database)


DocuSign Related Information
Instructional video for signing NDOR Agreements using DocuSign


DocuSign Informational Flyer (11/2013) PDF -----

Template Electronic Signature Authorization Agreement (ESAA)

(Agreement between State and Consultant to use DocuSign)
PDF -----

Electronic Signature Authorization Form

(use this form to specify/update who from Consultant is authorized to sign Agreements)
PDF Word

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