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NDOR Consultant RFP's

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Forms & Worksheets Or scroll down this page

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DocuSign-related Information Or scroll down this page

Contacts for general questions about RFP's or Documents:
Randy Eldorado, Consultant Services Engineer, 402-479-4778
Dawn Knott, Agreements Engineer, 402-479-4414
Brad Reid, Assistant Agreements Engineer, 402-479-3566


Forms & Worksheets

Submittal Forms - These will be located with each RFP as it is posted - there are no generic versions.
DR 39 - Notification of Completion - Pre-Letting Professional Service - includes instructions ---- Word
DR 39a - Notification of Completion - Pre-Letting Consultant Professional Services - includes instructions --- Word
DR 39b - Notification of Completion - Pre-Letting LPA Professional Services - includes instructions ---- Word
DR 54 - Consultant Evaluation Form
DR 99 - Consultant Dispute Resolution Form
DR162 Forms - Cost Breakdown Forms
  • DR 162 - Actual Cost Plus Fixed Fee          PDF    or     Word
  • DR 162A - Maximum Not to Exceed Fee     PDF    or     Word
  • DR 162B - Lump Sum Fee                         PDF    or     Word
DR 250 - Consultant Work Order Form for Local Projects PDF Word
DR 251 - Consultant Work Order Form for State Projects
DR 497- Architect, Engineer & Related Services - Annual Certification Form
DR 498 - Architect, Engineer & Related Services - Supplement to Statement of Qualifications
Fee for Profit Worksheet (formerly the Fixed Fee Worksheet)
Guidance Documents & Lists
Template Professional Services Agreements
(click the underlined name below to view/download - all are PDF)
Instructions for Annual Certification



Instructions for NEPA Studies Certification
NDOR Standard Work Categories - 2012
GENERIC Selection Committee Evaluation Factors
Consultant Style Guide for Producing Print & Web Info for NDOR Projects
Drug Free Workplace Policy (Example)
Certified Consultants for Construction Inspection Services
All Certified Consultants
Certified Consultants for NEPA Studies
Approved Wetland Delineation Consultants
On-Call Consultants (NDOR & LPA services)


Qualified Consultant Laboratories
List of NDOR Certified Erosion & Sediment Control Inspectors
(Environmental Compliance Oversight Database)


DocuSign Related Information
Instructional video for signing NDOR Agreements using DocuSign



Template Electronic Signature Authorization Agreement (ESAA)

(Agreement between State and Consultant to use DocuSign)
PDF -----

Electronic Signature Authorization Form

(use this form to specify/update who from Consultant is authorized to sign Agreements)
PDF Word

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