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Contacts (click on a name to e-mail)

Public Transportation Engineer,
Manages Rail Section, Railroad Crossing Complaints & Diagnostic Review
Abe Anshasi, PE 402-479-4438
Railroad Liaison Engineer, Public Projects, Railroad Liaison, Rules & Regulations, Todd Palmer 402-479-4434
Railroad Liaison Manager, Federal/State Funding for Rail Projects, Railroad Crossing Inventory Beverly Vonasek 402-479-4515
Railroad Liaison, Billing, Diagnostic Review Team, Agreements & Easements Kathy Nuttelman 402-479-4523

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Duties & Responsibilities

  • Administer the Federal Section 130 Program and the State Grade Crossing Protection Fund. These funds are used for rail-highway grade separations, installation of active warning devices, crossing surface upgrades, circuitry upgrades and crossing closures.
  • Responsible for the Rail-Highway Crossing Inventory for the State of Nebraska. Freight Coordinator for the Department of Roads.
  • Administer the Rail Planning Program and responsible for the State Rail Plan Update.
  • Railroad Crossing Complaints and Diagnostic Review Team Member.
  • Liaison with railroad on highway construction projects.
  • Agreements/Easements/Leases.
  • Payment to Railroads.
  • Administer the Federal Rail Planning Program and prepare the State Rail Plan.
  • Administer the federally State funded Nebraska Grade Crossing Protection Program, pertaining to signalization and improvement for railroad/highway grade crossings.
  • Monitor freight activities, barge traffic and terminal locations along the Missouri River.
  • Liaison On Highway Projects.
  • Easements.
  • Railroad Crossing Complaints & Diagnostic Review .